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Top 10 companies involved in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the most significant industry in the upcoming future. And this is not just simple words. Can you imagine the world of the future without smart devices surrounding us and suggesting help and improvement in almost every step we make?

Our society is developing with leaps and bounds and the next step of its evolution is complete automatization of basic human processes.

Could you imagine getting home after a hard working day? You approach your door and it’s unlocking itself because of sensors in your smartphone. There’s no need for keys anymore. Smart climate system preventive prepared the house temperature for your arrival depending on your preferences and weather outside. The audio system starts playing the music according to your mood and hardness of the day, which is very accurately predicted by smart devices that feel your pulse, sweating and the level of specific hormones in the blood. So if you had a very tough day with a lot of stress it will arrange classical smooth music from your playlist.

Can you imagine that a huge farm with thousands of hectares and hundreds of self-propelled machines could be absolutely automatized and controlled by a single computer from the office situated thousands of miles away? This is not a fantasy, it’s a truth of our days. In agriculture, that system is called Advanced Farming System and it is represented by unmanned machines connected to the Internet in an integral system.

Unmanned machines are already here, in the field.

They can reduce a significant cost of doing business.

IoT is a big new world. Want you use your mobile phone to track the whereabouts of your pet 24 hours a day, monitor its heart rate and tell if it’s in the mood for chicken or the fish? The Intenet of Things makes it possible.

Want to wear a wristband sensor that communicates with your kitchen so that breakfast is ready for you five minutes after you wake up?

Or perhaps you want to create something genuinely useful to society like smart traffic monitoring to reduce congestion and improve health and safety in your city.

And it’s all about the Internet of Things.

The IoT by itself is a network of simultaneously connected devices which can process all the incoming data using the smart sensors embedded in them.

Given the fact that by 2020 it will be over 20 billion devices connected to the Internet, challenges and benefits are great for the Top Internet of Things companies, which are hoping to capitalize on the use of Internet-connected devices.

List of Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) companies at the moment

1. Intel

Intel IoT is already reimaging and remaking present-day industry to thrive now and in the future. Cities are using Intel IoT technologies and partner solutions to enhance the quality of services, improve public safety, reduce traffic congestion, and achieve new levels of efficiency.

2. IBM

IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), in cooperation with Oxford Economics, showcases how the IoT helps businesses drive smart manufacturing and increased visibility

3. Google

Google’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions make it easy to build connected devices. Whether you want to connect to Google services or need a turnkey hardware solution, we provide you with a way to create secure, innovative products.

Cloud IoT Core is a fully managed service that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices. Cloud IoT Core, in combination with other services on the Google Cloud IoT platform, provides a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time to support improved operational efficiency.

4. Amazon with its AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. IoT platforms, like AWS IoT Core, also connect to services that help you build IoT analytics and IoT applications such as industrial solutions and connected home solutions.


Cisco IoT Threat Defense blends their security architecture and services to defend your IoT deployments.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft provides an IoT solution which is called Azure. Azure IoT consists of three areas of technologies and solutions—solutions, platform services, and edge, all designed to facilitate the end-to-end development of your IoT application. This article begins by describing the common characteristics of an IoT solution in the cloud, followed by an overview of how Azure IoT addresses challenges in IoT projects and why you should consider adopting Azure IoT.

7. Oracle

Oracle’s IoT solutions are based on cloud services which optimize the flow of information, improves asset performance, increases energy efficiency, and enhances customer service.

8. Apple

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home platform, with compatible devices controlled through the company’s Home app.

HomeKit has been somewhat slow to take off, but the smart-home market is in the early stages and Apple’s platform is still evolving.

9. SAP

SAP offers a fully connected enterprise with our Internet of Things (IoT) applications, platform, and technology. Build new business models, harness real-time intelligence, and support adaptive processes from core to edge.

10. Samsung

Samsung’s LTE Radio Access Solution supports NB-IoT with a simple software upgrade. In regions where LTE has already been deployed, this software update can provide operators with a fully functioning IoT network without degrading existing mobile network performance. This helps to eliminate the burden and expense of deploying a separate overlay network since there is no need for additional hardware investment.

Do you know of any other IoT companies in the manufacturing industry who deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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