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Facebook Disabled Account Appeal: Complete Guide 2023

Request Review For A Disabled Personal Facebook Account

In this complete guide, we’ll describe all possible ways to deal with a disabled Facebook account, how to Appeal A Disabled Facebook Account, or how to request a review for a disabled Facebook account.

And now you need a legit solution to return your account in a few minutes?

Facebook reserves the right to ban those users who break their policies.

However, Facebook has options to reinstate the disabled Facebook accounts.

In this article, you will learn how to request a review on Facebook for a disabled account, appeal your Facebook restricted account, and other possible aspects of why Facebook has disabled your account.

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This guide covers the following topics:

1. List Of Reasons For A Disabled Personal Facebook Account

Harmful Or Triggering Content

Facebook restricts its users from posting or uploading any content that promotes hatred, racism, violations, nudity, vulgarity, and hateful content in the community.

Check below about the content that doesn’t comply with the FB guidelines.


It includes tagging other users on abusive, triggering, or content-promoting nudity.

Personal Data

Use personal pictures and videos of others on your account without their permission or faking to be someone else.

Abusive And Threatening Content

Facebook restricts its users from uploading harmful posts. Commonly abusive content may include suicidal pictures, self-injury, nudity, harassment, bullying, and child exploitation.

Violence And Crime

Facebook removes all the groups, pages, accounts, and activities recognized as violent or promoting terrorism, hatred, and encouraging crime.

Fake Account

Suppose someone spots you using their identity without permission. Then, that person can claim or report your Facebook account.

Abusive And Hateful Comments

In case Facebook users have been spreading abusive comments. The Facebook authorities have the right to take action against those FB accounts.

Facebook Action Policy

The Facebook Community Standards and guidelines are strict about what content is uploaded by the User, and under regular scanning, they ensure it never goes against their policies.

If any activities are against the Facebook policy, the User will send at least 5 strikes or warnings. Even after five strikes, the account might be temporarily blocked if the user continues doing a prohibited activity.

However, if a user does not submit a Facebook disabled account appeal form within 30 days, it will be blocked permanently.

It further depends on how severe and intense the offense is. For example, there is zero tolerance against child pornography, unethical or dangerous posting.

Therefore, your account will be banned, and it will be hard to recover in such cases.

The following steps will guide you on suspending your disabled Facebook account.

2. How To Appeal A Disabled Personal Facebook Account? A Step-By-Step Guide

These steps will help you to request a review on Facebook for temporarily disabled Facebook accounts.

Step #1: Navigate to Facebook Help Centre

You can access the Facebook disabled account appeal form page by this link – https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907

or by the following steps:

1.2. Click on the upper right corner of your friend’s account.

facebook help centre

1.3. Click on the Facebook help center page. Here you will click on submit an appeal.

facebook appeal disabled personal account

1.4. Now click on use this form to request a review of disabled Facebook account appeal.

appeal facebook disabled account

1.6. Final Step: Complete the appeal form and send the request

facebook appeal form

What Happens After Appealing To Facebook To Review Disabled Facebook Account?

You will get confirmed by email or Facebook notification. That disabled Facebook account appeal has been received successfully.

Also, Facebook will update you by email with all the details about a permanently disabled Facebook account.

After submitting your disabled Facebook account appeal, you will get a response by email within a few days.

If you do not respond to your first request, you need to submit another Facebook disabled account appeal on the Facebook appeal page.

In addition to that, you have to send a JPEG file of your FB account to the Facebook appeal page. It will be kept encrypted and safe in the record of Facebook.

It will also store the actual identity data for detecting hackers or Catfishers with fake accounts relevant to your account.

2. Disabled Facebook Ad Account. How To Appeal The Advertising Facebook Ad Account

Facebook has introduced the Facebook Business Help Centre. FB Users will get complete information relevant to FB ads, monetizing their content, managing multiple accounts, and sales via Instagram & Facebook.

Let’s look at why Facebook can restrict your FB ad account.

The article guides you on how to request a review of restricted ad account.

2.1 Identifying Main Reasons Leading To Restricting Facebook Ad Account

Facebook has an automated system and experts’ team to review your FB ads. They ensure that every advert is running in compliance with the Facebook business policies.

Ensure your FB Ads content follows the restrictions for running Ads, Business Pages, or Business Manager accounts.

Main Reasons Of A Restricted Facebook Advertising Account

Facebook has an automated system and expert team to review your FB ads. They ensure that every ad is running in compliance with Facebook business policies. Here are some minor to major mistakes you might have made.

Violating Ads

Advertisers can’t run ads of illegal products or services, like tobacco, ammunition, adult or services. These types of ads would be counted as violated ads, and Facebook will disable your Facebook ad account.

Restricted Content

Facebook classified the ad categories. Advertisers are allowed to run the content under all legal laws. Anyone who tries to run any illegal content can face restrictions by Facebook policies.

Personal Attributes

Your ads must not contain content that affects someone’s attributes. For example, your ad content must not directly or indirectly assert a person’s race, religion, ethnicity, or mental health.

Facebook Ad Account Restriction

Facebook will send you notifications and emails as it will obstruct advertising from your Facebook ad account and business pages.

Suppose advertisers want to run exceptional content on Facebook ad accounts. They should have prior written permission for ad content under all legal laws and Facebook permission and policy.

Now, to recover your Facebook ad account, follow the given steps.

3. Step-by-step Guide on How You Reactivate Your Facebook Ad Account

advertising restricted ad account

Method #1. Request a review of the restricted Facebook ad account

First, jump into Ads Manager. Typically, you’ll see a red bar informing you that your account has been restricted from advertising. Click “See Details” to submit your appeal and get your account back up and running.

facebook ads restricted from advertising

facebook ads disabled ad account

NOTE: Sometimes it happens that FB is not showing the disabled ad account ID in the list on the appeal page.

In this case, you may try to appeal it through https://www.facebook.com/accountquality

On the Account Quality page, choose the right Business Account which your ad account belongs to.

Then choose the disabled ad account and press “Request Review”

Step #1:Choose the Business Account

Step #2

Choose the Disabled ad account to appeal
facebook account disabled

Step #3:Press “Request Review”

ad account request review

facebook ad account request review

4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to suspend my Facebook advertising account?

It would take 12 hours to a few days to respond to the Facebook ad review team. In case your Facebook ad account has been blocked due to violating Facebook ad policy. It is hard for your request to get answered.

2. Is it impossible to recover a disabled Facebook account?

You can contact the Facebook business account help center to solve the issue.

3. How do you prevent your Facebook account from being disabled?

You can request Facebook to review your Facebook ad account. You will get notified about the details by the Facebook ad review team.

4. Will I get any strikes, or Facebook can directly block my Facebook ad account?

Generally speaking, nowadays Facebook can disable you advertising account right away, even without sending any strikes, nor warnings. Some say it might send you 5 strikes before restricting your ad account. But honestly speaking, warning system doesn’t work with rough violation any longer.

Bottom line

Lastly, you have learned that a user can recover the disabled Facebook account. Also, how to request Facebook a review of a disabled Facebook account.

Follow the steps mentioned in this guide and hopefully you could recover your disabled Facebook ad account as soon as possible.

Final Words

When it comes to a Facebook disabled ad account, any help is welcome. I hope you’ve found my guide helpful and hope you can recover your ad account as soon as possible. Be patient and persistent!

P.S. I’d sure love to hear what you think about this post! Just drop a line in the comment section below and share your thoughts or questions.

Cheers ?

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  1. Dear facebook
    My facebook account was disabled and kindly review it Since This is main account i am looking forward for your approval An review Regarding my Facebook account thank you

  2. Dear facebook
    My facebook account was disabled and kindly review it Since This is main account i am looking forward for your approval An review Regarding my Facebook account thank you

  3. intend’s of getting fully access into your account that has been hacked or disabled all you need to do is to contact @XIAOSPY1 on TELEGRAM, the hacker helped me recover my hacked acc successfully and regain all memories that was lost. he’s a professional & legit hacker I’ve ever seen.

  4. Hello there,
    My facebook is disabled from breaking the community rules. Facebook had notify me that i should appeal to the decission in 180 days before it permenantly closed.
    I did appeal to the decission by clicking the blue button (Appeal) and after that there was a message informing me that (If we find that your posts or comments didn’t follow our Community Standards.. etc..)
    Now there are 11 days left for my appeal and facebook didn’t respond to me yet. Adding to that, thet sent me a message on email infroming me that i should finish my (Appeal steps) before the 180 days are left.
    I don’t know what steps should i follow to finish my appeal, and how thet i find on my home page (Review requested) and at the same time facebook team tell me that i didn’t complete my appeal yet!
    I can’t even go to the help center for the appeal form from my disabled account, and when i go there withour logging to my account, facebook asks me to log into my account.

    I am really dizzy! hope u can fine a solution for me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi sir, we have the same issue but in my case i still have 160days left. FB Team only reply me once last week (November 2023) but i never hear anything again from them until today (Dec. 13, 2023). What happened to your account now? They did disable your account permanently?

  5. My Facebook account has been blocked. I didn’t get any email notifications, I’m blocked straight away. After trying to log in, I get a message:
    “We put your account to sleep
    Your account has been put to sleep because the linked Instagram account rpiulkpi6f8ld6ci does not follow the rules.
    If you want to appeal the decision, log in to the linked Instagram account.”
    However, the mentioned Instagram account is not mine and I cannot log into it. So I can’t follow any instructions if they are there. Probably someone misused my FB account to link their Instagram account which violated the rules.
    I tried the appeal page linked here in this article.
    But I can’t send it. I fill in my email address, attach a picture of my ID card, click Send, and I get a message that the form cannot be sent and that I should log in to my Facebook account to find out more. There is no way out…?

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