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Top 5 Internet of Things trends that will change our life

IoT technologies that will change our home experience and lifestyles in just a few years

Did you hear about Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner or about Nest the intelligent thermostat? If you think these things are cool, fasten your seats. Homeowners are waiting for new innovations over the next few years, as the rapidly approaching IoT technologies change the way people come across their homes.

As sensors prices continue to drop and the number of apps increased, IoT devices will spread everywhere throughout the next 5-10 years. This huge embed of sensors will significantly impact our lives and will change the way we live in our homes. Our place of living will transfer in a command center, providing us with critical information on what is better for ourselves.

These are Top Trends where the Internet of Things technologies will occur most significantly:

Energy and Resource Management

Home energy services can already connect to daily weather forecasts to automatically trigger events such as adjusting the temperature and lighting in the room, closing the blinds, controlling sprinklers, etc. to increase energy savings and decrease water consumption.

Energy control and administration are based on a better knowledge of energy use. There are plenty of new releasing to the market products that are embedded into electrical panels which control energy consumption in the house in real time, at a much more detailed level than modern smart devices. Moreover, house owners will receive push notifications on their smartphones whenever power thresholds are exceeded.


Biometric data, such as voice control and visual recognition, are combined into devices already available on the market that allows you to monitor and control your house safeness from anywhere in the world with the help of internal and external security cameras, video doorbells and smart locks. The technology Geofencing, which arms the system when you leave your home and disarm when you return back is already available. Other security systems that will soon enter the market will be able to study the models of the resident movement and imitate them, while residents are away from home.

Health monitoring

From statistics, we know that US population getting older and diverse, so more attention is paid to home-based medical monitoring devices that can connect seniors with their families, neighbors and medical assistance. Internet of Things sensors are already used to detect falling objects, openings and closings of the windows, analyzing air purity, monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator or ensuring that the oven is turned off. When fully implemented, Internet of Things systems will help older adults maintain their self-confidence much longer than ever before, with less supervision of their children needed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most modern intelligent home technologies rely on users to create their own rules for managing their Internet of Things objects. But since AI embedded in the Internet of Things devices, the house can observe the behavior of the house owner, determine the patterns of behavior and automate the processes on inhabitant’s behalf.

Smart homes will find out and learn your choices and favorites whenever you move around the house, for example, climate comfort, lighting, the temperature in the shower and much more. An interactive smart house will also offer updates and advice in the context of real-time events, such as the upcoming blizzards or heat waves.

Home preventative maintenance

In the near future, the house will notify inhabitants about the upcoming leakage of plumbing equipment, devices defects or failures and much more – such as the different reports and notifications to prevent disasters related to maintenance. All that technology what is already possible from sensors in vehicles, aircrafts and manufactories, will come into our houses.

In response to the preventive capabilities of the Internet of Things technology, contracting parties will respond immediately with maintenance services when problems are detected, regardless of whether you are at home or away. In other words, your plumber will contact you, not vice versa.

Internet of Things systems will soon become predictive in managing the humans greatest asset – their living property – providing peacefulness and confidence of your homes and loved ones when you’re far away. Th IoT industry transformation will be encouraged by security agencies, insurance companies, home maintenance companies, healthcare assistance etc.


    1. @Robert – serious?

      Even if we limit it to Information Technology there are far better examples. From Blackberry and smartphones in general to medical devices and assistive technologies.

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