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Remarketing Lists for Google Search Network Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing of your previous visitors is effective since prospects need to see your ad at least seven times before they become a customer.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a Google Ads feature that allows advertisers to tailor their search network campaigns based on whether a user has previously visited their website (or app), and the pages that the user viewed.

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When should you use remarketing lists for search ads?

RLSAs can be used in two ways:

  • Making bid adjustments on your ad groups for users (remarketing lists) who are searching on Google using the keywords you are bidding on
  • Set up search ad groups to only be triggered and show ads if a user is on your Remarketing list, and is searching with the keywords you are bidding on

How To Set Up Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

In order to create RLSAs, you’ll need to set up the Google Ads Remarketing Tag first.

1. Navigate to the Tools & Settings icon  in the upper right corner of your account Click Shared Library

2. Click Audience Manager Audience sources

3. Under the Google Ads tag section click Set Up Tag

Google Ads Tag Set Up

Select how you want to install the Google Ads tag:

  • Add the tag to your website code
  • Email the tag to your webmaster
  • Install the tag using Google Tag Manager

If you choose to Install the tag yourself, then copy the given tag and paste it in between the <head> </head> tags of every page of your website.

You only need to install the global site tag once per account, which can be used with both remarketing event snippets as well as conversion event snippets.

Setting up remarketing lists for RLSA

1. Go to the Shared Library Audiences Lists ➜  Remarketing

2. Click the plus icon Remarketing button to create a remarketing list

google remarketing website visitors

Select the type of visitors from which you’d like to create a segment (Remarketing list)

google remarketing website visitors rule

Remarketing Lists Best Practices

The most common practice of remarketing lists is to retarget people who visited check-out page but didn’t purchase your product (thus, haven’t reached your Thank You Page).

To do so:

  1. select Visitors of a page who did not visit another page
  2. in the Visited page section insert your product’s check-out page tag
  3. in the Unvisited page, section insert your thank-you page tag

google ads retargeting list unvisited page

Adding a remarketing list to a search campaign ad group

These instructions assume you’ve already created your search campaign and ad groups that you’d like to use with your remarketing lists.

  1. To add Remarketing List to your Google Search campaigns navigate to the Audiences section of your campaign and click plus icon Add Audiences
  2. Click Browse Select Remarketing and similar audiences
  3. Go to Website visitors Choose your created list

Similar audiences

According to Google, combining the Similar Audience targeting with remarketing lists, you can increase conversions by up to 41%.

Learn more about Similar Audiences feature – how to setup and utilize this kind of audience.

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