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How To Create Similar (Look A Like) Audience In Google Ads

Similar audiences are created by Google from your remarketing audience (mentioned above). Basically, it’s a kind of look-a-like feature.

Similar audience targeting is available for:

How it works

Google Ads looks at the recent search activity of the visitors in your remarketing list to help aggregate the search behavior of the visitors in your list. Based on this information, the system automatically finds new potential customers whose search behavior is similar to that of people in your remarketing list.

According to Google, by combining your Similar audiences with remarketing audiences, you can increase conversions by up to 41%.

similar audiences

How to create a similar audience in Google Ads

Similar audiences are automatically created from Remarketing lists or Customer Match lists with at least 1,000 cookies with enough similarity in search behavior to create a corresponding similar audience.

Benefits of using a similar audience

  • More reach: Extend the reach of your campaign towards new users who are similar to your existing users, up to five times more than with remarketing lists alone.
  • Improved conversions: See 41% more conversions by combining Similar audiences with Display remarketing.
  • Powered by machine learning: Similar audience lists are updated in real-time using machine learning capabilities that analyze millions of signals to optimize performance.
  • Easy to manage: Similar audience lists automatically appear in eligible Google Ads accounts. Eligibility is determined when there is enough statistically significant similarity found between new users and the original remarketing list.
  • Target efficiently: Original remarketing lists are automatically excluded from Similar audience lists, making sure you target new users only.

Where to find Similar Audiences?

Navigate to Tools and Settings tab select Audience manager click on the Segment section now you can find a Similar audience in the DATA SEGMENTS section

google display ads similar audiences

NOTE: It might take some time to populate a Similar audience, after which it will be available as a targeting option for your Google Ads campaigns. Sometimes it might take even up to 1 month for the Google algorithm to aggregate a similar audience

How to add a Similar Audience to your campaign?

Navigate to your campaign’s Audiences sectionclick EDIT AUDIENCE SEGMENTS

similar audience targeting

Click BROWSE select Your data and similar segments select the Similar audience list

browse for similar audience targeting

Reasons for Similar Audience not populating

Website tag and rule-based remarketing lists, as well as Customer Match lists built from email addresses, mailing addresses, and/or phone numbers, are used by Google be used to generate similar audiences.

In case these sources don’t have enough information, you may have to wait for more interactions or activities. In these cases, the list may appear as “Incompatible” in the Shared Library’s Audience manager, or it might take a while for it to be populated.

Check out the Google Ads Targeting Guide to learn more about best practices of Google Ads targeting options and strategies.

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