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10 Signals That Facebook Is Suspicious About Your Advertising Account

Ads Manager and Business Manager disables, no reply on appeal for months, campaigns disapprovals – it was quite a tough time running campaigns on Facebook during the United States presidential election period.

Today, however, launching campaigns and getting traffic from Facebook is much easier than it was a couple of weeks ago.

It’s time to remember the first signs that FB does not trust your ad account and it might get ban soon.

10 Alarms That Your Facebook Ad Account Might Be Disabled Soon

Low billing from the start

If Facebook presents an invoice for a very small amount, just a few dollars, this is a reason to tense up.

The billing threshold does not change after the previous payment

Usually, the threshold should increase with each payment.

A small daily spending limit

facebook campaign spending limit

You can check the daily spending limit in the daily budget optimization setting. Should be from $50 a day.

Traffic freezes when passing moderation

If an approved campaign starts getting traffic after a few hours, most definitely it was in the background review.

Freeze on spending

If your active ads stop showing at rounded amounts ($15, $25, $50), most probably Facebook artificially limits your expenses.

Long pending of ads review

Moderation for more than an hour is suspicious.

Business Manager creation limits

When Facebook shows an error on a new Business manager creation, try to spend from your personal ad account at least $10 or/and try again in a couple of days.

Restrictions on loading the custom Email list

Can be fixed by spending at least $10 or by giving your account some time.

Disabling of at least one ad account on your Business manager

Immediately appeal your ad account when it gets a ban. Otherwise, your Business manager and other ad accounts will be under suspicion.

You don’t have the opportunity of a live chat support

Usually, good warmed ad accounts have an opportunity of chatting and screen sharing with a trained Ads Specialist to get quick answers to their Facebook advertising questions.

Rules to keep your ad account safe:
1. Launch campaigns with 15-25$/day.
2. Scale your campaigns slowly, follow Facebook recommendations on scaling no more than 20%-40% a day.


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