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Facebook Ads Automated Rules Guide and Best Practice

Facebook Ads Automation Methods

Facebook Automated Rules allow you to create automated rules in Ads Manager, which will automatically check your Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads and then update or notify you of any changes.

facebook automated rules

In addition to these automatic checks and notifications, the tool will also take the necessary actions for you. When you create an automated rule, you choose:

  • The criteria that trigger the rule
  • The action your rule takes on the ad
  • The active campaign, ad set, or ad you want the rule to affect

Facebook’s automated rules can help you manage multiple ads running simultaneously. Think about the items you frequently check up on and your subsequent actions in Ads Manager. Automated Rules are designed to do these actions for you.

How to set automated rules?

Select the ad sets of your ad campaign Click on Rules Create a new rule

facebook automated rules create rule

My setup consists of seven rules.

Four rules prevent ad sets from overspending; two rules automatically turn back on the ad sets if a delayed conversion comes in, and 1 rule for automatic scaling.


Rule 1 // OFF

Spend > CPA (or 1.1-1.5 x CPA — you choose)
Events < 1
Time range: Today

Purpose: if the day started poorly, better not to spend on this ad set. We’d switch it back later if lifetime performance suits this ad set.

Rule 2 // OFF

Spend > CPA (or 1.1-1.5 x CPA — you choose)
Events < 1
Time range: Lifetime

Purpose: turning off if the ad set performance is dropping down and with little to no chances of recovery.

Rule 3 // OFF

CPA > Payout
Events > 0
Time range: Today

Purpose: if you’ve had conversions, but they’re expensive, it’s better to turn them off and stop spending.

Rule 4 // OFF

CPA > Payout
Events > 0
Time range: 7 days, including today

Purpose: same for the last week


Rule 5 // ON

CPA < (Payout – 0.01)
Events > 0
Time range: Today

Purpose: in case you had a delayed conversion.

Rule 6 // ON

CPA < (Payout – 0.01)
Events > 0
Time range: 7 days, including today
Schedule: custom time – every day from 00:00 to 00:30

Purpose: every night, we give a chance to ad sets that we turned off but after it receives a conversion.


Automated Rules For Facebook Ads Scaling

Automatically increase the budget rules.

Increase daily budget by 25% if Cost per Result doesn’t exceed $10. The maximum daily cap budget is set to $1000.

facebook increase budget automated rules

Another example of automated rules scaling for an Ad set budget optimization (ABO) campaign.

Navigate to your Facebook campaign’s Ad set level Select ad sets for which you’d like to apply automated rules Click on the Rules menu Select Create a new rule

facebook ads automated rules increase daily budget

Select Custom rule Click Next

facebook ads automated rules create custom rule

Set the rule as in the example below Click Create

facebook ads automated scaling rule example

Detailed Scaling Rule settings:

  • Action: Increase daily budget by 20%
  • Action frequency: Once daily
  • Maximum daily budget cap: depends on your goals; in this example, we’ll set $100 per ad set. So when our ad set reaches $100, the automated scaling will stop.
  • Conditions: Cost per result is less than $5
  • Time range: Maximum (it means that our condition – CPR < $5, should correspond to the all-time period)
  • Schedule: Custom (we would like the rule to be applied from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM each day)

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