Top Free Advertising Websites For Online Business 2023

20 Best Free of Charge Advertising Websites & Platforms For Business Owners And Marketers

Advertising is an essential part of any company’s business, so it pays to know the options available when choosing how to promote your brand.

Social media sites dominate advertising revenue, with Google and Facebook taking nearly 70% of all money spent on online ads.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune to get your business out there! There are lots of free options available to help your business grow.

This article will examine some of the best free advertising websites for businesses in 2022.

Top 20 Free Advertising Websites For Businesses In 2022

Table of contents:

1.Google My Business

google my business

If you’re asking yourself: “Where are the places to advertise my website for free?”—Google is the number one resource you should check out. You can advertise your website on Google for free using Google My Business.

Google My Business lets you create a listing on Google’s search engine so customers can find you via Google Search or Google Maps. You must have a Google account set up to access this service.

The main advantage of this site is that it reaches consumers at the exact time they are looking for your product or service in their area. Add your phone number, website, and appointment scheduler to the listing so potential customers can immediately act.

You can also upload photos to your listing so potential customers can see your business’s appearance before stopping by.

Google My Business Key Highlights

  • Bring in more customers in the area as a small local business
  • Manage your online search presence with accurate information
  • Let customers easily find your business when they search online for your services

2. Bing Places

bing places

Bing Places is another website that allows businesses to create listings for free. It is similar to Google My Business, with the main difference being Bing’s search engine. If your company does not rank highly on Google, you should try Bing, as consumers might use this service instead.

Bing Places Key Highlights

  • Advertise your local business on Bing Search and catch traffic that isn’t using Google.
  • Manage your online presence and provide accurate information about your business.

3. Yext (Formerly Yahoo! Local)


Partnered with Yahoo, Yext is an online directory that allows you to create a free basic listing that includes your business information. You can add your website, phone number, address, and hours of operation to your listing. The website also offers a scan report to review your business review listings on multiple platforms.

Yext Local Key Highlights

  • Scan your business listings to ensure the information displayed online is consistent
  • Reach customers in the area where they are looking for your product or service

4. Yellow Pages

yellow pages online

The Yellow Pages is a website that provides small business listings to consumers. It also offers an app for iOS and Android devices and the option to advertise on its site.

This site allows you to create a profile for your company with all the potential information customers need, such as contact details.

With this service, you can also upload photos and videos, which helps companies build their brand image even further.

Yellow Pages Key Highlights

  • Partnered with Google, Apple, and Facebook to create an extensive network of listings
  • Grow your small business locally

5. is another website to help businesses gain positive reviews and build up their reputation in the local area.

Gaining traction on this site can be challenging, but it can help visibility. Key Highlights

  • Promote your local business with this free platform
  • Reach customers in the area where they are looking for your product or service

6. Facebook

facebook free advertising

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, so it makes sense for businesses to try and tap into this large market.

You can create a business page for your brand and share photos, videos, updates, and more with potential customers.

Facebook Key Highlights

  • Potential to reach a large audience due to the platform’s high number of users
  • Allows you to post daily or weekly status updates that put your brand in front of potential customers

7. YouTube

youtube logo advertising

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your products and services. It allows you to upload video content for free so consumers can see your business.

You will need a high-quality camera or a smartphone to create your videos, but it can be a highly effective strategy.

You can also use YouTube’s built-in analytics to track the popularity and success of your videos.

YouTube Key Highlights

  • Can showcase your products or services for free through video content
  • Allows you to track the success of your videos with their analytics tool

8. Pinterest

pinterest free advertising

Pinterest is an image-sharing website for businesses looking to expand their brand image to a younger audience.

The site allows you to create several boards with photos linking to products and services. Users can then follow these boards easily, which means they will see more of your content in the future.

Pinterest Key Highlights

  • Perfect for businesses in the fashion, food, and retail industries
  • Post a range of images that demonstrate your products or services
  • Allows you to build up your brand image online

9. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a website for business professionals, and you must be in the right market to use it.

For example, if you are a lawyer, this website may be perfect for you to help attract high-value clients.

However, other markets may struggle to find success with this site if they are in more of a creative industry, such as fashion.

LinkedIn Key Highlights

  • Perfect for businesses in the law, sales, and recruitment industries
  • Can share a range of information with potential customers
  • Allows you to build up a professional brand image

10. Instagram

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app, and businesses often use it as a free way to advertise their products or services.

You can post images showcasing your business and offering deals or sales promotions.

The platform boasts many users, so companies should consider marketing their products or services.

Companies in specific industries, such as fashion, food, retail, and travel, may benefit more than others.

Instagram Key Highlights

  • Perfect for any local business
  • Post a range of images to help build your brand online

11. Quora

quora free marketing

Quora is a great website for businesses who want to answer questions about their products and services. This strategy can help increase trust in your brand and build up your online reputation.

You will also be able to answer any potential questions consumers may have about your business.

Quora Key Highlights

  • Increase brand awareness online and build up thought leadership
  • Answer any questions that potential customers may have

12. Reddit


Reddit is an excellent website for business owners seeking free exposure and building thought leadership. It is a social news website that allows people to post comments and content.

Reddit has sections for different industries, so posting content relevant to your business is crucial. Posts that users deem valuable receive upvotes and, as a result, increase exposure.

Reddit Key Highlights

  • Build trust with potential customers on a free and popular platform
  • Receive increased exposure from user upvotes

13. Tumblr


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site that businesses can use to increase their brand image.

This platform lets you post pictures and other content to encourage consumer engagement.

The platform has fewer monthly users than Instagram and Pinterest, but it is still an option for businesses looking for multiple avenues to succeed with free advertising.

Tumblr Key Highlights

  • Visually showcase your brand online to potential consumers
  • Use a range of images and content to increase engagement

14. Twitter


Twitter is a fantastic website for businesses that want to increase their brand awareness. Businesses can post regular updates and retweet content relevant to their industry.

The platform is often used for customer service to respond quickly to any issues consumers may have with their products or services.

Twitter Key Highlights

  • Post regular updates that engage consumers
  • Respond to consumers’ inquiries quickly
  • Build up a professional reputation online

15. TikTok


TikTok is a website that can benefit businesses seeking social media exposure.

The app has about a billion monthly users, so including your business here will increase its exposure.

Users post 15 to 60-second video clips, which can then be shared on the TikTok feed for users to find.

TikTok Key Highlights

  • Post unique content to appeal to younger audiences
  • Grow your brand online with one of today’s most trendy entertainment apps

16. Snapchat


Snapchat can be an appealing business advertising platform, with over 200 million active daily users. The app is more common for personal use, and gaining exposure on this platform can be difficult.

Snapchat allows you to create free QR code (Snapcode) ads for your business. QR codes provide easy access to information, so placing these on your physical advertisements will encourage consumers to connect with you through Snapchat.

Snapchat Key Highlights

  • Encourages users to connect with you by having them scan your QR code
  • Appeal to younger audiences with unique content

17. Nextdoor


Next door is a hyperlocal social network that allows you to connect with the people in your neighborhood.

Users have profiles and share information, events, and content within their neighborhoods. This platform helps small business owners get their brand out there to the locals.

Adding your business to Nextdoor is free and easy, with no ads or paid features. Your profile will be listed under the ‘Businesses’ category and be visible to all users.

Nextdoor Key Highlights

  • Grow your local brand with this free-to-use platform
  • Attract new customers via recommendations made on the app

18. Yelp


Yelp is another useful website for local businesses, with 142 million monthly users. The platform lets users find and review businesses in their area. It’s ideal for businesses in the travel and tourism industry.

Yelp Key Highlights

  • Boost your local brand on a free platform
  • Rank higher and attract more attention via public reviews and ratings

19. WikiHow


WikiHow is a website that allows you to post tutorials and other digital content. This can be an ideal opportunity for businesses that want to increase their online presence.

WikiHow is not a good option for every industry since it is mainly for instructions and how-to guides. It might be better for industries with many user queries, such as cooking or computer maintenance.

WikiHow Key Highlights

  • Appeal to a niche market
  • Post tutorials and other educational content related to your industry

20. Foursquare

foursquare logo

Foursquare is a location-based social network that allows you to add your business. The site can also be used as a search engine to find nearby businesses.

The app gives personalized recommendations based on a user’s location and check-in history.

Foursquare Key Highlights

  • Advertise your local business to potential consumers in the area
  • Allows users to search for local businesses and rate them

Final Notes

There are several free business advertising websites currently on the market. Your business should take advantage of them to ensure a competitive edge. The key is to use a combination of platforms and focus your advertisements on the one that best matches your target market.

Of course, certain platforms will be more effective than others, depending on your business. It’s essential to take the time to research which platforms your customers are using and choose one of the free online advertising websites that will help you appeal most to your audience.

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