Top 5 Best Metaverse Tokens You Should Buy Before It’s Too Late

Best Metaverse Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022

Despite the phenomenal growth of these Metaverse tokens, they are worth investing in as much as buying bitcoin in 2009.

By changing his company’s social media name from Facebook to META, Zuckerberg is entering the digital space. This drew attention to several existing decentralized platforms. Many of the tokens or currency of these platforms have risen in real value. And the bull run in these coins continues to this day.

The Metaverse is the next chapter for the Internet.”
Mark Zuckerberg

The value of the various Metaverse coins is skyrocketing.

For example, Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed Venture Partners have teamed up to invest in companies that are developing a gaming Metaverse.

Andreessen Horowitz, on the other hand, has led Mythical game funding. This was a result of Mythical’s success with the “play to earn” concepts, as well as the game’s non-interchangeable tokens.

As the Metaverse becomes mainstream among users, the demand for these companies will grow exponentially.

Consequently, buying these five coins now could be like investing in bitcoin in 2009.

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1. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland MANA

Decentraland (MANA)

$ 0.343896

MANA is an interchangeable token that allows players to buy land, services, and goods (NFT) in the digital economy.

Buying land today in the virtual world is like buying land in Manhattan in 1750,” Janine Yori, head of Republic Realm

For example, a parcel of virtual real estate in the online world of Decentraland was sold for a record $2.4 million. Thus, the value of these plots is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Consequently, with the growth of the digital economy within the Metaverse, the MANA token will cross the $10 mark in 2022.

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)


Axie Infinity (AXS)

$ 6.21

The concept of the Axie Infinity earning game is attractive because it allows players to earn passive income in real life, helping the community of gamers grow and thrive.

AXS is one of the few cryptocurrencies to have seen a surge in prices over the past year. Its popularity and high returns have made investors wonder if they should buy it.

With the growing community of gamers around the world, we can expect the price of the AXS coin to reach $300 in the coming years.

3. Sandbox (SAND)


The Sandbox (SAND)

$ 0.338275

Sandbox is an important token to invest in and should be on the radar in the Metaverse token world. Its native currency is SAND, created on the Ethereum platform.

Sandbox, unlike other P2E games, allows players to trade and sell on NFTLAND. The Sandbox allows any user to create, share and monetize assets.

The blockchain startup has confirmed in detail that it will select a group of 5,000 players to earn up to 1,000 SAND (currently worth $5,540) and three non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) as they spend time in 18 Sandbox virtual games.

SAND is creating a new ATH and showing gaining bullish momentum.

4. Star Atlas (ATLAS)


Star Atlas (ATLAS)

$ 0.003036

Players in the Star Atlas Metaverse can trade, receive and create non-interchangeable tokens. Star Atlas gamers can interact with Defi platforms at the center of gameplay, allowing players to borrow and lend various Solana or Serum assets.

Built on Solana, it brings its own set of perks. As Solana is considered a major competitor to Ethereum, ATLAS may also be gaining momentum.

Moreover, Solana Ventures announced its participation in a new $100 million fund to develop blockchain games.

A major version of the game is scheduled to launch in 2022. But that deadline could be extended due to the expanding scope of tasks involved in developing such a large-scale project.

With the combination of professional game development and blockchain technology, Star Atlas could be the game that will revolutionize crypto-gaming and take it to the next level.

5. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

$ 0.199489

Enjin is a platform that lets people create and manage their NFTs. It integrates with several gaming platforms and allows players to use an item across multiple games, or sell it on the marketplace.

Before NFTs, if you bought a sword to use in one specific game and that game folded or you stopped playing it, the item was lost.

Now, you own the item no matter what happens in the game. And Enjin makes that process possible.

Bonus #1. MyNeighborAlice (ALICE)


My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

$ 1.20

MyNeighborAlice is a story-based game that encourages social interaction and creativity. Players can build on their land plots and then show off their creations to their friends and fellow players.

As a multipurpose platform that includes decentralized funding (DeFi) features, MyNeighborAlice transforms the open-world gaming experience with a blockchain-based system that enables interaction between users.

Most items in the game can be represented by irreplaceable tokens, which the player fully owns. To generate income, ALICE token holders can also bet their tokens.

The price of the digital coin is expected to continue to rise, reaching $83 by 2026.

Bonus #2. Chromia (CHR)

Chromia (CHR)

Chromia (CHR)

$ 0.261530

Chromia makes it easy for people to build decentralized applications in the real world. It features unique architecture, plays well with Ethereum, and enables developers to code applications seven to ten times faster.

Some of the popular games built on Chromia include My Neighbor Alice, a Play-to-earn blockchain-based game with a market cap of over $430 million!

In addition, Chromia also features Mines of Dalarnia, which has a market cap of $336 million.

mines of dalarnia

I’m excited about Chromia for 2022 because CHR is highly likely to see a valuation of over $1 billion by next year.

Chromia is a real competitor to Solana, which has a massive valuation of over $59 billion!

With a market cap of under half a billion, there’s no doubt in my mind that CHR can see significant price increases next year, especially if they continue growing their ecosystem.



Metaverse seems to be our future – even big businesses agree with it.

Investing in metaverse tokens and coins in the early stages would likely gain you the maximum profit.

Metaverse tokens and coins have already made investors’ portfolios green
and are expected to continue growing as main platforms attract more and more attention.

With the growing market capitalization of NFTs and the growing community of gamers around the world, life in the Metaverse could become the new normal.

Consequently, it can be seen that Metaverse tokens could prove very lucrative as Zuckerberg promotes the META project.

Nevertheless, investors are advised to research and discuss investments in these tokens with their financial advisors.

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